What is WordPress?

In a simple word, WordPress is the most popular content management tool. It’s easy to use that’s way maximum website are made of by using WordPress according to Google research more than80% websites are used WordPress due to easy to handle without any knowledge of HTML CSS java. According to the technical definition, WordPress is one type of open source content management system which is licensed under GPLv2, which means anyone can use it absolutely free without paying any cost.
WordPress offers a web-based user boundary for designing, publishing, and updating websites. Without writing of HTML, you can use different website templates or themes that have a design as you like. You can also modify the layout and frame a custom navigation bar. Once you complete your website layout, you can use WordPress’ online collocation to create individual pages. Every page may include formatted text, links, images, and different media. After this completion, you proceed to publish completed webpages or blog updates by just clicking the Publish button.

Attachment of WordPress makes it simple for anyone without any web development knowledge to create and publish a website. The built-in blogging tools offer a simple way to track single posts, visitors, and user comments. If WordPress’ built-in skill is not enough for your needs, you can also prefer to install different plug-ins that provide extra appearance. For Examples, it includes social media buttons, use image galleries, and web forum tools.

While there are millions of WordPress templates and plug-ins available, the WordPress system still has its boundaries. Because it is a template-based service, you must activate with a pre-built website rather than build pages from scratch. Additionally, you cannot pull-out scripts or continue a database with the same level of control that a custom website offers. Therefore, most companies and large organizations still use hand-code websites or develop them using a WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver.