The objective-based advertising experience is a new, streamlined format for a LinkedIn marketing campaign. This campaign can alleviate easier campaign creation based on marketing objectives. You can bluster your campaign by showing your ads to people most likely to take the action you want. You can also offer automated bidding for key objectives. By clicking the Create Campaign button you can start the objective-based campaign. The new campaign creation flow for LinkedIn ads begins with assigning the goals and objectives for your campaign. Based on the goal you select, LinkedIn will show your ads to people most likely to take your craved action. Currently, the following campaign objectives are available for ad campaigns created in the objective-based flow:-
Website visit: -By the use of website visit advertisers who want to drive traffic to their company website or marketing landing includes text ads, sponsored content, dynamic ads, sponsored and maximize for Impressions in the campaign.
Website Conversions:- Make campaigns for specific website actions, like purchases or event registrations and expand for Conversions in the campaign set-up flow.
Engagement:- This is for advertisers who want to increase social engagement with their ads and/or increase LinkedIn Page followers. Firstly you should increase the followers for the company page so that you will get more people to engage with that post.
Lead generation:- in lead generation advertisers who want to capture leads using a submission form that’s pre-filled with the member’s LinkedIn profile data.
Video view:- By using video view advertisers who want to leverage videos for social engagement. In this, you can encourage people to watch your videos.
Talent leads:- In talent leads people who want job seekers to complete peculiar actions, like clicking through to a dedicated Pipeline Builder landing page for an open role.
Job applicant:- in talent leads people who want to drive clicks to job-related experiences, including LinkedIn job posts. There are so many ads created for job applicants.