Google My Business Listings Getting Suspended After Adding Short Names

->After adding a short name to Business profile then the profile will be suspended when a  number  of SEO reported.
->Short names were allowing businesses to create custom URLs for their Google My Business listings.
->Now it has become possible that adding short names is causing appropriate business listings to get drooping and removed from SERPs.
->Not all businesses are suspended for adding short names, but it has a common theme among a series of professedly random suspensions.
->Most business listings aren’t perceiving any issues, otherwise, we’d be hearing many more accusations.
->Google hasn’t accepted there’s a bug related to GMB short names, nor has it acknowledged that it’s even cognizant of this issue.
->So all these prove is unreliable. The consent is that removing short names fixes the problem. If you are suspended after adding a short name then it’s better to remove it.