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A Gallery defines and describes the up-to-date company latest news and events in a more vivid way. Gallery covers our latest photos, stylish templates, examples to help you learn about our company, papers, blogs, articles, presentations which are published by our team. Gallery is a destination for many of the areas designers and artists alike to bring together in order to say something about a particular topic. Along with original custom framing solutions, a Gallery feature provides different prints, paintings, photos, Student showcase, Awards, Achievements, alumini photos, live classroom seminar videos, work station images, office area, sales team, office celebration, Employee birthday fest and Media News. Below is a small selection of feature editorials. To view all articles and photo gallery of different events that took place in our company, please use the menu on the right. They are grouped under the house that is Gallery is dedicated to showcasing emerging and mid-career artists with monthly solo and small group exhibitions. This unique feature provides lot of various information’s related to company activates in order to share our information to our users.




Saraswati Puja

saraswati-puja Collage | Digital Talent


classroom Collage | Digital Talent

Teacher's Day

Womens Day

womens Day Celebration | Digital Talent