Summer Hackathon – Digital Talent – Advanced Digital Marketing Institute
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Summer Hackathon



For the 1st time in Odisha, we are conducting a live hacking session along with hands on Practical Training


Anybody who is passionate about hacking & cyber security. We are giving them an opportunity to show their skills through this hackathon.


Date: 19th May, 2019
Time: 10AM – 2.00PM


Registration fee of Rs 500


Attractive Prizes for the first three winners

If You Are a Coder & Want Interactive Practice & Challenge, Come Visit digitaltalent Hackathon!

Working with your website’s or your application’s backend architecture is just as important as making sure that the wheelbase of your car is ok, before driving it. This is why we are sure that coding hackathon’s such as the Codathon is, provides awesome practice for all of these skills!
  • Real Server & Real database hacking
  • Real website hacking
  • Malware & Virus detection
  • Network & wifi  hacking
  • CMS Hacking (wordpress, drupal, joomla, open cart)
  • Bug Bounty Programme
  • System hacking (windows, LINUX & MAC)

I will pay the registration fee at the start of the event.