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YouTube Marketing Training
YouTube Marketing Training

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What is Youtube marketing:

YouTube was launched in 2005 may. It is the platform which enables billions of people to

Watch, share, comment on originally created videos. YouTube marketing is the best way to endorse your business because YouTube has mar than 1 billion users, every day thousands of millions of people watch videos for hours and hours and generate millions of views and comment and most important is YouTube has its presence more than 75 countries and up to 62 languages. So it provides broader reach where your brand awareness can be generated. To start a YouTube marketing an account on YouTube is mandatory. It is free, quick, and effective You just need to submit your information and enter the username and password.

To run ads or upload a video account on YouTube channel mandatory.



How to sign in a youtube channel:

After login to a youtube account on the right corner of youtube Then log in using the Google account.

  • Under your setting, you will see an option to “create channel” click on this link
  • Next, you will found an option to create a channel/personal channel using your business or other names.
  • Now its time to name your channel and select category
  • Product or brand
  • Company institution or organization
  • Arts, entertainment or sport
  • Other

Perfect size of youtube channel art:

Minimum width: 2048x1152px

Maximum width: 2560x423px

File size 4mb or smaller is mandatory

After creating the channel, you need to load your video through which you want

Generate brand awareness or endorse your business.

As many as people see it you’re the get know your services or the business.

Another effective way to endorse the business is through running ads on YouTube.

Advertiser looks for channels that have high traffic, far reach and unique targeted

Demographic watching. All these are done by youtube that’s why advertiser prefer

To run their ads or promote their business on youtube.

There are four types ads run on youtube

1) Instreamed ad

2) Video source ad

3) Bumper ad

4)6 sec video ad

Instream ad: these are the ad which runs start of your video streaming with the skip button.


Video source ad: these are the ad which shown on the search result page


Bumper ad: bumper ads are the ads which are shown in the video without a skip button


6 sec ad: six sec ads are the ads which shown the start of your video having six or less than six sec duration



Youtube marketing promoting a video

  • Give your video an appropriate title and description
  • Share your video with own social circle
  • Encourage interaction with the viewer
  • Work on all social media angles
  • Embedded your video with a website or your blog as a backlink
  • Email your video out in newsletter so that a subscriber can easily unsubscribe
  • Search new viewer with YouTube fan finder
  • Use ad words for videos through Google:
  • Ad Words is a way for you to pay for your video to show up when someone searches for keywords that apply to your video using the Google search engine.


Managing negative comments:

Some channels are encountered with a negative comment. there are three ways to deal with this

1)remove, report or hide comments (2) ignore (3) Reply

Some other methods to avoid negative comments are

Take time to response

Give them benefits of a doubt

Don’t argue with them

Don’t feed the trolls


YouTube marketing tricks:

  1. While promoting a YouTube video that you created you need add some features that will
  2. Improve visibility of your video.
  3. Use engaging video thumbnails
  4. A link should have a format of HTTP://
  5. Add Each Video You Upload to a Keyword-Based Playlist.
  6. Always Include a ‘Call to Action’ in Your Videos.
  7. Check your audio quality



Video manager:

Video manager for YouTube is a powerful application for YouTube to quickly search and manage YouTube channel and videos.

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