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Website Development
Website Development

What is Word Press?
It is a website creation tool written in PHP. It is also known as CMS (Content Management System).

What is the use of word press?
It is an open source content management system which can be used for building websites.

What are the benefits of using Word Press for your website?
It is highly customizable software. There are tons of plugins and themes for easy designing. Even with persons with no experience in HTML or java can also learn web designing.

What is word press built on?
This software is built on PHP and MySQL.

Is WordPress website using HTML?
For showing web pages, WordPress uses HTML.

Is word press using PHP?
PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor) is a server-side programming language and is used to build WordPress.

How much does it cost to set up a Word press site?
• The website domain with hosting is charged around 1k-6k for 1 year.
• Then comes the theme cost around 5k – 15k for 1 year.
• Then comes the work is done on the website.
• And the extra paid plugins.
• All in total around 8k-20k INR

How do you install Word Press on your website?
• First, download the latest version of word press from
• Upload the files to the server using FTP.
• Create MySQL Files Database with user access in word press.
• Complete installation and Proceed to create or set up the website.

Buy And Register Your Domain Name

What is a domain?
The identity for representing one or more IP (Internet Protocol) is called Domain.

Where can I buy a domain?
• Godaddy
• BigRock
• Hostgator
• Namecheap
• Hostinger
• Bluehost

What are the different types of domain names?
• TLD – Top Level Domain
• ccTLD – country code Top Level Domain
• gTLD – generic Top Level Domain
• IDN ccTLD international country code top-level
• Second level
• Third level
• Subdomain

Best Website Hosting
What is Web Hosting?
The storage space provided for the websites is called web hosting.

What are the different types of web hosting?
• Shared Web Hosting
• Reseller Web Hosting.
• Cloud-Based Web Hosting
• Virtual Private Server (VPS)
• Dedicated Web Server
• Managed WordPress Hosting

Where can I get a web hosting?
• Amazon web hosting
• Hostgator
• GoDaddy
• BigRock
• Bluehost

Content Preparation
Testing Website On Search Engine
Build Responsive Website Design

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