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Why Digital Marketing is Better Than Normal MBA
Why Digital Marketing is Better Than Normal MBA

You have just graduated and need to pursue greater education for your career. Looking for a Richie rich pay future however very confused about what to settle on next? Generally, 90 percent of the student population thinks MBA is that the best suited and best choice for advanced education. But if you've got completed real research then you essentially have seen numerous articles stating that MBA candidates are hired less lately.


Have you wondered what is the theory behind this? Why is that the MBA “which was the foremost demanding and prestigious sort of education and source of employment has lost its sheen? Due to economic conditions, not every student can afford to join the Top Business Schools. Students are always a difficulty regarding which course to pursue for a better career with Richie pay income.


MBA has lost its value: Barring the highest class business schools like IIMs, quite 5500 business schools in India are producing the “unemployable” graduates within the market, earning less than Rs 10,000 per month if they find placements.

On the opposite hand, Digital Marketing is trending quite an MBA as “The Economic Times” has even confirmed that Digital Marketing is one among the “Top 5 Professions” in the world and there will be quite 18 lakhs jobs within the approaching three years which can give our generation a viola experience with huge packages within the approaching years.


Same Old Curriculum: The market has been evolving for many years however the MBA course hasn’t changed its curriculum. They are still teaching case studies of the ’90s in 2017. MBA schools are still following the same orthodox theories and philosophies. Due to this, there's broad gap lies between the industry-relevant skills and education.

On the opposite hand, Digital Marketing is that the new trend and therefore the forthcoming marketing. It teaches and provides you a transparent vision and detailed information on the necessity of the market. The big and little enterprises are following an equivalent path in order that they need the Digital Marketers professionals or experts to fill the gap and help them to focus on the masses.


Digital Marketing is economical than any MBA: the scholars and professionals are cognizant of the truth that companies will only value your MBA if you've got passed out through any top B-class regular school. Other MBAs have gotten no value and potential within the employer’s eyes. And, top B-class MBA isn't a cup of everyone’s tea.

In contrast, Digital Marketing is cheaper and you'll even receive the return your investment into this program as you'll get trending jobs plus extra earning while pursuing the course.


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