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The Difference Between an SEO Bug & a Feature Request
The Difference Between an SEO Bug & a Feature Request


Errors and warnings in Google Search Console and Bing’s Webmaster Tools are simply the beginning. Reports of non-compliant URLs in crawling/reporting equipment like Botify continuously desiring to be addressed. In an agile environment, logging tickets via Jira make it clean and the bug is pretty straightforward

SEO BUG The Most Effective Manner in Which a BUG Should be written out is:

1.Describe (in detail) what you're seeing.
2. Explain what the anticipated outcome is.
3. Add any screenshots you may to assist visualize.
4.For SEO, it’s true to feature any reviews you have to expose the impact.

As an additional method to track problems associated with SEO, I even have created a sheet (Excel, Google Sheet or Smart sheet) to track:

1.The problems with all documentation.
2. What crew is running on them.
3. The link to the Jira ticket.
4. Status.
5. Level of effort.
6. Impact.

Feature Request

Enterprise companies will mention “feature request” when an SEO addresses problems that users is probably facing, or a change needed to assist improve SEO that touches content, the design or usability of the site. A feature can frequently be considered (or harassed by) an “enhancement” which product managers and engineers will often describe as a request for extra functionality that doesn't already exist. It depends on how your organization communicates and structures those requests. When drafting up your characteristic request for search engine marketing don't forget the following:

Product strategy: Does this request fall consistent with the company’s long-time period strategic vision?
Demand: Is the feature you’re requesting something that would benefit other traces of the enterprise as well?
Level of effort: Work with the teams to apprehend how a great deal work this would take.
Available resources: Availability of all team’s sources and in which it suits of their precedence list.


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